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Social Media: To Blog or Not To Blog?

Blogs! Everyone loves a blog. Blogs are a great way to pursue long-tail keywords, speak directly to your customers, and funnel readers to your website. Is a corporate blog a good idea for your brand, though? Maybe.

Corporate blogs can help you reach out to consumers, but solely product-driven content gets boring quickly. 37 Signals has a great blog about business, design and whatever else strikes their fancy, while also maintaining a separate blog for their products. Blogging is not just about shilling for yourself, but also about having a dialog between you and the people on your website looking for interesting things to read/see/do/buy.

Great things to blog about:

The time commitment involved in blogging is not something to be glossed over. A corporate blog doesn’t need to be updated every single day to be effective, but to get any SEO value out of it you need to update it consistently. Google likes indexing and ranking blogs because they consider them fresh and informative.

An example from Apogee’s client base: one of our clients has a blog that Google started mapping to a keyword we didn’t want it to, pulling its rankings for that particular term sixty places lower. Once we fixed the problem, however, its rankings had bounced back within an hour. Google had re-indexed the blog almost immediately. This is probably because our client’s blog is interesting, informative, and well-written, but also well-maintained.

If you’re not going to maintain your blog, then there’s no real point in having one. Indeed, a dead blog not only looks bad, but can take up space in the rankings, competing against the rest of your website.

The time and creativity invested in a corporate blog can return a direct connection to your most devoted customers, feedback on products, and viral marketing through links and word of mouth.

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