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Link Love Monday Edition – Happy Fourth!

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Is anyone else dragging from copious amounts of sunshine, fireworks and Dr. Pepper? I hope your 4th treated you well, and that you encountered plenty of hot dogs, burgers, 7-layer dips, double decker boats, wakeboards, and sunscreen, of course. Now, to the links we go!
Link: Traffic Drops and Site Architecture Issues
Love: myth busters. Google covers a couple [...]

Real-Time Search, New Engines by the Second

Monday, June 29th, 2009

2009 has thus far been the year of innovation in regards to search engine marketing. The ever growing popularity of Twitter and its newly introduced Twitter Search has since opened the flood gates of what is now referred to as “Real-Time Search.” The demand for instant, relevant results has spawned a slew of real-time search [...]

Link Love Friday with Cory B.

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Link: Best Practices for Product Search
Love: optimizing your universal search presence.  The natural search results aren’t the only results that deserve optimization attention.  Universal search requires a holistic approach to SEO where you need to also focus on optimizing for local, blogs, videos, images, and if you have an e-commerce website, product search which makes [...]

Twitter as a Real-Time Search Engine

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

It took me awhile to join the Twitterverse. I signed up about a year ago, tweeted that same day and then let my account sit for three months. Who wants to hear about me cutting my fingernails, I thought. No one. Cutting your fingernails is banal. Boring. Again, no tweet needed to inform the [...]

Twitter is Movin’ on up!

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Recently I spoke at the OMMA Social Conference on a panel discussing possible business models for Twitter; a highly relevant topic given that a week beforehand Twitter announced hiring a Director of Business Development. “Finally,” I thought to myself. “Twitter’s going to start taking its expansion seriously. Maybe I won’t see as many fail whales.”
The [...]

Tracking the Conversation: 4 Must Stop Spots

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Do you track the conversations about your business meandering through the Internet? You should. They are not only opportunities to connect with your customers and potential customers, but these conversations can act as link bait. The ultimate form of link bait – outside of a viral piece of content – is certainly the engaging and [...]

Title Tags – Optimize for Santa’s Eyes!

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

For the past three years my parents have asked me what I want for Christmas and the answer was always the same – SXSW Gold Badge, Gold Badge, Gold Badge. I was a student then and couldn’t afford it on my own, but now that I’m gainfully employed (bless you, Apogee) I can buy my [...]

A Follow up to Apogee’s 2008 Search Predictions

Friday, December 19th, 2008

At the beginning of the year, this post on the Apogee Search Marketing Blog made some predictions about search marketing in 2008. Before we try to make any predictions about 2009, let’s take a minute to review 2008’s search predictions compared to what actually occurred over the last 12 months.
Apogee’s 2008 search predictions were as [...]

Social Networking Strategies for Businesses from Lauren Perdue

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

I recently spoke with Lauren Perdue, a natural search specialist at Apogee Search. She discussed social networking strategies that businesses should consider to increase their online presence.
First, let’s identify the difference between social networking vs. social media. Social networking sites are websites that allow people to connect and socialize. Usually, they have a [...]

MapQuest Meets Twitter

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

MapQuest recently added a Twitter feed to their local start pages that allows users to follow tweets from individuals living in their respective cities. All users have to do is select the city they’d like to follow, opt into the feed and voila! You can follow the tweets of people located in Austin, Portland, Boston, [...]