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Link Love Friday with Cory B.

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Link: What is Location Prominence?
Love: unraveling local search ranking factors.  So you’re a small business (or a large one for that matter), and after doing some reading on SEO, you’ve gone to Google Local Business Center and claimed your business’ listing.  You’ve read about PageRank and the importance of attracting high quality incoming links with [...]

Link Love Mon…Err Tuesday with Cory B.

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

It’s late Tuesday which means it’s time for Link Love Monday. Hopefully you had a solid, and if you were lucky, relaxing weekend. For the rest of us who entertained guests over the Memorial Day holiday, here’s to drinking lots of water and going to bed at 7:30 tonight! Today’s set of links lean toward [...]

Link Love Monday with Cory B.

Monday, May 18th, 2009

So it begins.  Welcome to the inaugural installment of Link Love Monday™ (alright, so it’s not really trademarked — is that illegal?) where I’ll pass along links I’ve found particularly stimulating.  Unfortunately, I’d like all of the links I post to have actually been born last week, but monitoring industry blogs could be a full-time [...]

Google’s Keyword Tool adds Local and Global Search – Helpful or Useless?

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Although not many people have been talking about it, Google made a fairly major change to the Google Adwords interface last week, including some significant changes to the Google Adwords keyword tool.
Change is Good
The Google Adwords keyword tool has changed over time, and overall, the tool continues to be a great resource for search marketers. [...]

Keyword Research for Improved SEO

Friday, April 17th, 2009

I recently spoke with Jay Brock, a Natural Search Consultant at Apogee Search, about SEO keyword research. Jay provided insight into the importance of SEO keyword research, strategies for developing keyword lists, and highlighted tools to help evaluate keyword success.
Quality SEO keyword research should be the foundation for all SEO efforts. Since SEO can take [...]

Tracking the Conversation: 4 Must Stop Spots

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Do you track the conversations about your business meandering through the Internet? You should. They are not only opportunities to connect with your customers and potential customers, but these conversations can act as link bait. The ultimate form of link bait – outside of a viral piece of content – is certainly the engaging and [...]

It Must Be Super Bowl Week

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Google Hot Trends is one of the most useful tools Google offers. It shows a list of keywords that have seen a spike in search traffic recently.
Unlike most search marketing tools, whose data is at least a day (if not months) old, Google Hot Trends generally shows data from the previous hour. That is about [...]

Google Resources to Do More With Less

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

It is said that in every market (even down markets) there is opportunity, and nobody wants to remind advertisers of that more than Google.  And for good reason – media speculation abounds with optimistic predictions of SEM being relatively insulated from economic recession.  As advertisers demand more accountability from their dollars and rein in once bountiful [...]

Promoting Events with Paid Search Campaigns from Vivian Chang

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Vivian Chang, a paid search consultant at Apogee Search, took a few minutes to speak with me about event driven paid search campaigns. Vivian shared a few tips and best practices that she has learned while managing event driven paid search campaigns for Apogee’s clients.
Vivian began by explaining that event driven paid search campaigns [...]

Microsoft’s Head is in the Clouds With Windows Azure

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Microsoft unveiled a new web-based operating system at its Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles, Windows Azure. This “Windows for the cloud” works under the same premise as Google Docs, a cloud computing suite of applications that stores a person’s data on the Internet rather than on his or her own computer. According [...]