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Blog Content Tip – Incenting Employees to Write for the Company Blog

We all know that Google loves new content and a blog can be a great way to continually create fresh content.  Many companies find that a blog becomes an integral part of their overall SEO strategy to drive more search engine traffic and increase Page Rank.  However, writing a blog post several times a month can get old over time.

Writer’s block?  You betcha!  The answer? Convince other people to get into the fun of content creation!

Sometimes employees are excited about this prospect, sometimes they need more motivation. So how can you motivate employees to write blog posts?  Well, there are a variety of ways limited only by your imagination.  One such way is to offer a contest where for a period of time you accept entries for best blog submission.  Ideally, you should be able to collect enough entries from one contest to have blog material for several posts. You can offer a prize for the best submission, or perhaps the best submission in each category if you receive a large number of entries.  Make sure to set criteria, it helps produce quality posts.

What criteria should you use to ensure good content? You might have to spend some time thinking about your goals setting a clear blog strategy to develop criteria that make sense for you. We’ll cover that in a follow-up blog post next week.

Prizes. Make the reward enough to be a true incentive, but not so much that it breaks the bank.  Keep in mind that companies are spending big bucks on Search Engine Optimization and the SEO value of a current and quality blog is worth a lot more than a $10 gift certificate to Starbucks!

  • The prize can simply be cash or a gift card
  • A prized toy or fun item that can be used or displayed around the office.  Rock’em Sock’em Robots or a quality motion-sensitive fart machine are classics and are always appreciated by your more sophisticated and mature co-workers!  ;o)
  • A cheesy trophy can be fun.
  • Lunch with the CEO or a member of the senior staff to bestow a little recognition and thank you for your contribution.  If you’ve been looking for the right time to chat them up about that raise or promotion you’ve been wanting, now’s your chance!
  • A free paid day off.
  • Hold a department versus department challenge to see which group can write the best blog post.  Winner gets bragging rights plus a group celebration/reward.
  • Do a monthly contest for the best blog submission and record the winners each month.  At the end of 6-12 months do a drawing from among those winners and they get a weekend vacation for two.
  • You can even use analytics to track how much traffic each blog post drives to deeper pages on your site and hold a contest around that!

As I said, the possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.  In the end, you should have enough quality blog posts that you will rarely have to worry about a languishing blog or lacking enough content to make your site interesting to search engines.  Not bad for a bit of blog navel-gazing and some money for prizes.

Written by Matthew McKool

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